Hope Lutheran Church 


Beliefs and FAQ’s                           


What to expect at Worship:
The worship experience at Hope is very user-friendly. We use a liturical structure with  easy-to-follow worship guides.    

The atmosphere at Hope  is reverent and yet comfortable. 

We seek to blend traditional and contemporary aspects of music and prayers to bring meaning and value to the worship experience for people of many different ages and experiences. 

YES… You are invited!  

You don't need to be a Lutheran in order to come to Hope and explore your relationship with Almighty God.  
     Come...  pray...
  explore...  grow...

 A church home is a great opportunity for you to get together with others who are interested in Jesus. 

A church home gives you a good opportunity to grow closer and closer with the God who loves you!

Hope is a Christian church! 

We believe that Jesus is "the Christ".  He is God the Son.  He truly did rise from the dead and that makes all the difference for everyone forever! 


Here are some basic spiritual truths that the Bible shares: 

The Bible shares a story of the relationship with God and humanity.

God created a good world, defined good and right, and invited humanity into a stewardship role of caring for this world and for each other. 

Yet, humanity did not trust God and has chosen to define good and right for themselves and set up kingdoms with self interest at the center. 

This self centeredness deep inside us is called "sin".  It comes out in differing ways but the bottom line is that it separates us from God's pure, perfect presence. 
Sin cannot exist in God's presence.  

So... sin separates us from God and leads to death.

God reached out to restore this broken relationship through a Savior. 

God the Son, Jesus, lived our life, facing all the evil and temptation the world could throw at Him and He remained sinless.    Through His life, death on the cross and resurrection to new life He has conquered humanities problem.   

Now, through a relationship of “faith” in Him all people have the way to "perfectness" and "rightness" opened up.   

We are restored to "rightness" not by being perfect.... but by Jesus putting his "rightness" into us.... through faith.  All are invited to live in God’s presence for all eternity!  The Bible describes a person with faith inside as being a "new human".   Not because of anything we have done, but through faith, trusting in Jesus as our SAVIOR!


About “Lutheran”

There are three phrases that are frequently used to summarize much of our Lutheran teachings about our Christian faith:
Grace Alone.  Even though we don't deserve it, out of love, God has provided the free gift of the path of forgiveness.  We have the gift of being "in right" with God (righteousness) through believing in Jesus.
Faith Alone.  It is through a relationship of faith in Jesus as Savior that a person has the gift of eternal life and forgiveness offered to them.
Scripture Alone.  The Bible is the inspired Word of God, to be used for teaching, we can trust in His Word.  Our relationship with God, the plan of salvation, and Jesus as Savior of the world are all revealed to us in His Word. 


Why “CHURCH”?  Can’t I just have my own relationship with God and be my own church?   

A couple of key points to answer this are  1) In the Bible we see clearly that God gives different talents and gifts to people and then asks them all to team up together as a church family.  2) Yes, we are each in a personal relationship with Jesus as our Savior. But, by taking advantage of the opportunity to be a part of a local church we can then nurture and develop that relationship.  

Below is a link to a great radio site for Lutheran listening!