at Hope Lutheran Church
      62 Dog Lane    Storrs-Mansfield

My Brother's Keeper is our human care program
We stock the shelves with Food Drives from local groups, teams, clubs and organizations. 
contact our MBK volunteer coordinator by email

My Brother's Keeper  is Hope's human care ministry to our community

    Food Pantry: We serve non-perishable food and health care products to local people in need.     

      Clothes Closet: You We have shelves of clean clothes and coats that our guests are welcome to shop through for their needs.

       YOU... are welcome to be a part of this adventure in helping people right here in our community.

        FAQ's about MBK Food Pantry
How does it work?:  Guests are referred from the local social services. Walk-in visits are allowed for first time guests.  It is best if guests are then connected to services available through local town social services as well. 
Guests are able to shop from our grocery shelves.The  # of bags depends on the size of the family.  
When?:  2nd & 4th Wednesday mornings (9:30 am - 12:30 pm)
What?:  We currently serve non-perishable groceries and health care items.  We are not able to help with oil, utility or rent bills.   
      How You Can Help?

 (1) You can "Host a Food Drive" : 

You can  organize a food drive and then bring the items to Hope.   This is a great way to help!  Lots of people can be involved in your food drive and this keeps the food  shelves stocked.


(2) You can...  Donate $ 

You can help us stock the shelves by directly donating funds.   Donated funds are used solely to restock the shelves.   Donations can be mailed to Hope and checks can be made out to:   My Brother’s Keeper Food Pantry.


(3) Be an “on-site” volunteer during hours of operation  These volunteers help monitor during the session and then assist guests as needed. (Tues morns)


(4)  Spread the Word!  Do you know someone  in need of help, or someone that wants to volunteer?  Let them know about My Brother’s Keeper.    Also, please spread the word to local organizations and clubs about hosting food drives. 


Google Doc
Volunteer Schedule 
Requested Items for Food Drives

Health Care Items: Shampoo, soaps, TP toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, paper towels, laundry detergent. 

Non-Perishable Groceries:  Rice, canned tuna and chicken, pasta sauce, peanut butter, jelly,  juices...

Also, prepared foods work well, such as Chef Boyardee cans, chili, Hamburger helper, boxed rice meals, school snack items...

(we don't give out out dated or dented products)   

The on-line donation option is not enabled yet..