Parking Privileges
                                    Parking is available
Yes, we do have a "Parking Relationship" with some students.
*This is not a business.
 It is an opportunity for students to help Hope with our mission, and for the church to share the parking resource as a blessing to others.

the Parking Privileges Request Form for 2018-19 is available to download below.
- please read the responsibilities that go with these privileges
About Parking: 
  (1) Some students donate and some do volunteer roles throughout the school season.  Both help us keep our mission as a church.
 Parkers each get a parking pass and need to cooperate with the "lot rules" explained on the parking privileges form. (such as freeing up the lot for Sunday worship, funerals, or some snow clearing times)

Download the Parking Request Form here

Parking – Volunteer Roles  (please send email / or call to discuss)


Band of Hope

        Guitarist (1)  Ryan M.   (2) Hunter   (3) ___________  (4)________________

        Keyboardist: (1) __Krysten L    (2) _________________________ 

        Drummer (1) _____________________   (2) _________________________

        Lead singer (1)____________________ (2) __________________________

        Other… (violin… etc…  ________________________________________

Description:  The Band of Hope lead our music for worship on Sunday mornings.  Musicians usually play once or twice a month.  We have a pool of musicians and use a Google Doc to sign up for weekends that work best.  Many times, practice is in the hour right before worship. The music is a blend of hymns and contemporary songs.


Cleaning Team:  Full! ( Please don't apply ) (1)  Rose           (2) Kylie 

                            (3)   Devin D   (4) Vishrutha T

Description:  A cleaner will be responsible for cleaning the interior of the church 5 separate times over the semester. Approximately a 2 hour cleaning session, vacuuming, dusting, washing…  A Google Doc is used to sign up for weeks of responsibility)


Audio-Visual Tech (1) Casey         (2)  Nicole D

                            (3) Joel J              (4) _________________________

Description: During our Worship an AV Tech sits in the loft and advances the PowerPoint slides during songs and adjusts volumes as needed for the band.  Worship is at 10am.  Need to arrive at 9:15 to coordinate with Band and review PowerPoint for the day with Pastor.  Use a Google Doc for sign ups. Responsible for 4-5 Sundays a semester.


Sunday School Teachers: 

          (1) Lindsay     (2)  Meagan       (3) Nathalia

 (4) _________________________      (5) _______________________

Description:  This is a unique role.  Need to be a motivated Christian, interested in working with children. We use an on-line curriculum that allows the teachers to prepare the lesson at home.  Our Sunday school is “during worship”.  Children are invited to go downstairs to the class about 10 minutes into worship. Teachers sign up for 4-5 Sundays a semester through a Google Doc.


My Brothers Keeper Food Pantry – 

(1)  Food Drive Coordinator:     Nick W. 

(2) Tues Morning Food Pantry Helper:   _____________________

Description:  2 Tuesdays a month. 9am -12noon Helping stock the shelves and greet guests. 


Media Communications:

(1) ____________________________

Description:   Motivated person with audio-visual experience to record 4-5 sermons and do audio/visual editing. Also, assist pastor with recording and posting of some Bible Studies onto web site.  Must be familiar with editing software.