Parking Privileges

Parking Request forms must be printed out and MAILED IN to the church address. 
About Parking:  
-  Students are granted parking privileges through being part of the worship life of Hope, volunteering, or donating all help us fullfill our mission as a church.  

 Parkers each get a parking pass and need to cooperate with the "lot rules", such as freeing up the lot for Sunday worship  (explained on the Parking Request Form)  

click here for Parking Request Application
*** Please note that parking for the 2019 - 2020 school year is now full.
 DOWNLOAD this form and mail it in. 

**Parking Information –

The parking volunteer roles will be very limited for the 2019-2020 year.  The church will be without a pastor and the worship life, and use of the building, will be different.  

It is recommended to follow the donation path to be assured of a spot.   The Band of Hope and Audio-Visual Tech roles might not be needed.  If the roles are needed and you fill the role then you'll be reimbursed

 Volunteer Co-op Roles  (must be selected after application)


Band of Hope

        Guitarist (1)  _______.   (2) __________    (3) ___________  

        Keyboardist: (1)  ___________   (2)  _________________

        Drummer (1) ________   (2) _________

        Lead singer (1)  Mikayla    

Description:  The Band of Hope lead our music for worship on Sunday mornings.  Musicians usually play twice a month.  

We have a pool of musicians and use a Google Doc to sign up for weekends that work best.  Many times, practice is in the hour right before worship. The music is a blend of hymns and contemporary songs.

Audio-Visual Tech:   (1)                    (2)                                         (2spots)

Description: During our Worship an AV Tech sits in the loft and advances the PowerPoint slides during songs and adjusts volumes as needed for the band.  Worship is at 10am.  Need to arrive at 9:45 to coordinate with Band and review PowerPoint for the day with Pastor.  Use a Google Doc for sign ups. Responsible for 5 - 6 Sundays a semester. 


Grounds Care team:    (1)                                 (2)                      (2 spots)

This is a new unique role for 2019-2020. Involves fall leaf clean up, mowing, and winter snow removal. Must be

(a) strong enough to shovel deep snow, (b) able to be independent and reliable  (c) able to do the role in a timely fashion.

This role is to keep the landscape attended to with leaf raking and some mowing in the fall and then keep the doorways and paths to the church and cottage rental unit  well shoveled in the winter.  *Might involve heavy labor with deep snow.

    (1)                                                (2) 

*There are no other co-op roles this year 

such as "Cleaning"  or "Sunday School".