Hope Lutheran    
- Parking Privileges

yes, we do have a "Parking Relationship" with some students.
This is not a business.
 it is an opportunity for students to help Hope and for the church to share the parking resource
About Parking: 
  (1) Some students donate and some do volunteer roles throughout the school season.  Both help us out.
   (2) The "new" parking privileges application for 2017-18 form is below
   (3) Parkers each get a parking pass and need to cooperate with the "lot rules" explained on the parking privileges form. (freeing up the lot for worship, funerals, or some snow clearing times)

1. Download the form to the right.
2. Complete and mail it to Hope
3. Including the donation with the form is best.  You'll be contacted when we receive it.
4.  If applying for one of the volunteer co-op roles check the list below for availability /please call or email to talk through whether it is a good match for you.
5.  This year we are going to ask a deposit from the volunteers because responsibilities were not always carried through with

              Volunteer roles for 2018
Cleaning Church: filled 1. Emily F 2. Ben 3. Rose 4. Kylee
Sunday School Teacher: 1. Lexi 2. Meghan 3. _______ 4. ________
Audi-Visual Tech for Worship:
1. Casey 2. Gabrielle W   3. _______ 4. __________
Food Pantry UConn Food Drive Coordinator1. __________ 
Office help (filing/accounting): filled 1.  Jordyn M
Media Communications Coordinator:   1.__________
  social media and video production role

Band of Hope is looking for more musicians!
Guitar:  (1) Hunter            Keyboardist: __________ 
Worship Song leader______     Drums (1)Elizabeth (2) Kevin